Monday, August 22, 2011

DIY Beauty: Natural Home Remedy Makeup Remover + Bonus Tip

                                  *For girls that don't know about this yet*

If you wear makeup like you do clothes then this is great for you~ xD Sometimes you end up wasting so much money on getting makeup wipes and even running out of your makeup remover. Well the special treatment for this problem is simply: 

OLIVE OIL ^____^

Most of you may have this at home so start putting it to use besides for cooking!

All you need are:
-Olive oil |~1 cup
-A small bottle or container
-Some water (optional) | ~1/3-1/4 cup
-Cotton balls

Yes olive oil is quite pricey, so thats why we will add about 1/3 of water with how much olive oil you use. Personally, I like to just use pure olive oil cuz its a lot stronger.
So pretty much, you just mix the olive oil and water together and apply it to cotton balls and scrub your face gently. After save the rest in that bottle or container ^^


  1. FOR HAIR CARE: Dry hair? Want to grow out your hair? Need shiner hair?
     No problem, just get a small amount (depending on how much hair you have) and mircrowave it for about 30 seconds. After run it through you hair ** not too much that its damp!** and wrap it with a warm microwaved towel and let it sit for about half an hour then take a shower to strip it off.

  2. FOR LONGER LASHES: Did you know you can naturally grow your lashes with olive oil? Well all you do is wipe a small amount on your lashes every night after the shower and it can help make them become stronger and help grow them (the results are small but hey, it can help!)

  3. TO CURL LASHES BETTER: If you apply some olive oil before you put on mascara then it can help make your lashes work better! Just put on some olive and curl those lashes, after go ahead and do the makeup routine you do there. Another great thing I like to use is petroleum jelly, and you do this the same way with olive oil ^^

I hope this wasn't too much to read >.<
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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fashion: 2011 Fall Fashion Trends Alert

School's around the corner and so is fall. So why not stock up some good fashionable pieces for your wardrobe? Here are some pieces that are currently in the trend and a couple I would personally recommend. ^^

     Fall's Fashion Trend:
  1. Cropped Sweaters
  2. Knee Socks
  3. Patterned scarfs
  4. Knited dresses
  5. Studded shoes
  6. Lace tops
  7. Flared Dresses
  8. Trench Coats
  9. Printed pants
  10. Striped tops

     Personally Recommended:
  1. Plaided button up shirts
  2. Boyfriend caridgans
  3. Converse (ankles and low cut)
  4. Knitted ankle boots
  5. Infinity scarfs
  6. Baseball Jackets
  7. Loose baggy tops
  8. Long necklaces
  9. Leggings (Great with short shorts)
  10. Vintage Belts

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Friday, August 19, 2011

DIY Fashion: Bow Necklace Tutorial

Today I will be showing you guys how to make this cute bow necklace. It's a great simple accessory to spice up any outfit and so easy to make! You can have it just with a plain necklace chain, or add it to any old necklace you don't find useful anymore; I've added it on top of a old heart necklace, making it a more elegant accessory. So lets begin:

Materials you will need: White satin or a fabric of your choice, sizes roughly around 5x9 inches & 1.5x3.5 inches, a ruler, scissors, necklace chain depending on preference, and jump rings (optional)

Step 1: Fold the big piece of fabric in half (with the nicer side of the fabric on the inside) then sew the edge of the opening. After you've done that, inside-out the whole thing so that you will see that "nicer side of the fabric" again.

 Step 2: Next you will want to adjust the sem line so it is in the middle of the thing, rather than having it on the side. ↑ Like so ↑ This will make the other side a smooth, clean look.

Step 3: After you will want to fold it in half again (with that 'nicer side' on the inside again) and sew the edge of that; then inside it out again. ↑ Now it will look like the picture above ↑

Step 4: Now you will repeat step 1 with the smaller piece of fabric (fold in half, and sew the edge) and put a jumpring through it.

*Optional tip: Instead of putting the jumpring through the center piece, you can sew it on at the end, making it easier to put it through a chain*

Step 5: Once you have the smaller piece sewn, pinch the bigger piece in the center (this will be creating the bow look) and wrap the small piece around the middle to hold it in place then sew it as close as you can like the picture below. ↓

Step 6: Now you have to inside out that center piece carefully and your done! Add it to a chain or an old necklace and there you have a brand new accessory. 

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Starting the blog

I just started my blog, and I'm trying to get the hang of things~
I'll be mostly doing my blog about fashion, beauty tips, and DIY crafts!
They will be things I've learned or want to share with people like *you* (lol!) whether from me or someone else ^^
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